Currently seeking for a new platform to hold 1NTO TH3 D33P live.


1nto The D33p is a t1me and spac3 to explore and expand our spiritual journey on Earth. Created by founder Noemi Capote, to assist all Warr1ors of L1ght to become aligned with their spiritual practice and expand their journey on Earth, feeling comfortable with who/what they believe in, no matter what it may be.

A Note From Noemi Capote:

Hi there, I’m Noemi Capote. I’m from a small town called Ciudad Ojeda, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Growing up, I witnessed the coexistence of both worlds, the spiritual and the physical. There, I learned about God, religion, spiritualism, sorcery, E.T. encounters, and healing (the kind that’s done by medicine men, such as a shaman).

Scary stories were the topic of most nights, where neighbors, women, and children, would gather around the front porch of my house to exchange tales about the most spooky experiences, such as seeing objects move or feeling a ghost touching them. The story tales filled everyone with pure entertainment, and the real deal was when people would die and at the funeral, which was commonly held in the living room of the house, there was always that someone who would get possessed by the spirit of the deceased to bring a message of farewell. Yes, creepy, but very real.

Besides scary stories and witnessing a few possessions (and exorcisms), I personally have always felt a strong connection with the spirit world. Having had my own experiences, from astral travel, lucid dreaming, to communicating with beings of light, such as angels, becoming familiar with the spiritual reality was just as becoming familiar with the physical one: with many rules, many ideas, and many beings.

My understanding about the spiritual realm is that it is inhabited by a variety of beings, some that are good and some that are bad, but each existing in accordance with their own agendas and the expression that we humans give to them.

Certainly, my culture gave great influence to my spiritual perception, teaching me that life is filled with many understandings of the same, and it is up to our personal belief and choices to feel fulfillment with our spiritual truths.

I’m here to give a helping hand to all those seeking to achieve spiritual alignment and expansion.



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