Perception Upgrade in collaboration with Ivaylo Vasilev

There are so many circumstances
and memories
that are hard to see with the essence 
of what we call love.
But, we must try.
We must try.
For when we see everything 
through the essence of love,
we become life.
How long will the roof need to leak until it crumbles down when all it needed was to be replaced? The same goes for the given knowledge of life that was passed down to us, causing our lives to feel inundated.
Replacing the way that one may have been thinking for 20 plus years may seem abrupt or even inconceivable. However, it is a transformative experience, no matter how it’s chosen to be approached.

Yes, there is much negativity going in this life. The past seems to have become a generous precedent in comparison to today’s destruction, suffering, and altercations. The planet is hurting, the animals are hurting, humans are hurting. The career, the job, the house, the spiritual pursuit, the wars, the extinctions, all of it seems to become an overbearing experience and, applying what has been given to help us through life, does not seem to cooperate much with our heart’s true desires for happiness. This is how suffering becomes a blurry reality.
It just takes practice, will, and courage to decide to carve one’s personal path.
The decision to take control of one’s own way of perceiving life could be frightening for so many; after all, life is so very different for each one of us that, to indicate to live life like this or like that could become confusing and dreading.
There is nothing wrong with the desire to aim for greatness and success. This is humanity and that’s pretty much a collective desire, which can be both physically and spiritually felt to the point of awakening the drive to pursue one’s goals and dreams. However, there are those that are aiming for the same greatness and success but, with results that are obviously painful. So, it truly relies on the intentions of the heart. It relies on our ability to analyze our lives, kind of introduce ourselves to ourselves, and act.
The heart knows – this is the true source of our intentions. We just need to learn how to listen to it. However, this is very different for each person and there is not the ultimate key to achieving a life of altogether happiness.
The question is, what is your individual key?
To find it – stay quiet in the night and try to think what in your past made you happy – it can be simple things – to hug a kid, to have fun with friends, to read a book, to listen to music, to swim on the moonlight…
The overall intention for life is for the experience to become less about who has all the answers, who is right, and what is real or not real. Its intentions are to become a harmonious existence which can be achieved starting with one heart; one person.
So do you feel like replacing your roof? What is it for you?… This is what your heart wants. This is where your true intentions will try to bring you if you give them a chance – if you give yourself the chance to be happy.
Dig. Trust. Persist. Love.
S1mply Be

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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