Does The World Need A Change?

Take a glance at the news today and it feels like the world is ending. From the chaos in politics to tragedies in the entertainment industry, from lives being taken away in atrocious ways, to personal craziness, the world seems to be in its worse shape ever.
What about the main issue that seems to grab hold of most of humanity, financial status? Most of us are stuck in the grasp of financial restriction, and/or distress of what we have at the moment of not being enough. This can be stressful, leading to physical illness and other problems that come with excess stress.

Let’s not leave behind the still ongoing issue that society has against different cultures regarding customs and religious beliefs.  **  Ah! Spirituality can be a big one for many.
So many conflicts. So much sadness.
Does the world need a change? You think?
For example, how can a government, who should exist to protect its country and the people in it, be so blinded by ego as to cause human alienation? In Venezuela, at least in my hometown Ciudad Ojeda, hunger, fear, and anguish are raging people’s homes. Most are suffering very much, and it feels impossible to make that type of government dissolve and to return to its roots, of freedom and love for its people. But I guess that each individual has a personal agenda and a purpose to serve, even in the cruelest of ways.
The world does need a change!
Right now, it feels like we are on the verge of some miracle to just happen because it is becoming overwhelming. It feels as if Earth is spinning faster each moment, and we’re racing to get ‘there’. To our special there. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that there is a vast amount of cruelty that cannot go unnoticed.
However, haven’t all generations witnessed troubling times? Such as those who lived through the times of worldwide wars. That must have been insane to live through, not only to witness it but also to be affected by it, and this reveals that the world seems to be hurting for quite some time and for a positive change to be abolished as law.
But again, what’s with this change? Yes, we may believe that love is the answer and that a change towards the positive is essential, but how can it change the world?
It’s nothing really because change only occurs one person at a time, and at different levels, through different circumstances, making a positive change almost impossible to be appreciated as a whole. Nonetheless, this “change” may represent the personal wellness program needed in life in order to become attuned to one’s body, mind, and soul, and most importantly, to heal.
Healing is what continues to happen on the path of change.
Does this mean that one needs to be spiritual, religious, goody-good, do yoga, sing OMs to showcase a change? Though those particular tools can help carve the path, in reality, change is about our individual persona and learning to take personal responsibility for our actions.
Being as it may, the following questions may help lead towards the path of change, or at least, to help release much heaviness of the mind and of the heart:
What are your desires?
What are your dreams?
What do you believe to be real in life?
What do you enjoy doing most?
What can be a fulfilling career for you?
What steps are you taking to get you there?
Does money trouble you?
Do religion and/or spiritual matters trouble you?
Do politics and other world matters trouble you?
How can they stop to trouble you?
Do you feel guilty, ashamed, unworthy, doubtful, confused? If yes to any, why?
Are you blaming anyone for the negative in your life, and this includes yourself?
Are you hurting? If yes, why?
What would lead you to happiness?
Life is a constant cycle of choices and creations after creations.
With this, why not try to create a more positive inner self? Not a perfect human being, but a positive human being. That’s all.
The world is on a spiral bursting into flames and we are witnessing it. As adults, we can talk or write about these things and realize that we humans have to help lessen the burden. A lot of us wish for all the conflicts and all the hurting to stop once and for all. A lot of us just can’t believe our eyes anymore. So, we start in our homes, our inner homes, and move from thereon. This is how change occurs. This is how the world can change.
One step at a time.

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

One thought on “Does The World Need A Change?

  1. I love it. I believe that everybody have a contribution and you are responsible for your contribution . the world is going to be the world but as individual spirits of light we must make a difference with each and every encounter careful who you entertain for you can be entertaining Angels ministering spirits. We all have authority over evil and once we recognize it we will not walk in fear or fear what man can do 2 me. Walk in the light=Power

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