Endometriosis is the New RED

Endometriosis seems to have become part of women’s regular subject to talk about, being one of those unfortunate conditions that take a women’s uterus hostage, and many times, without anyone even noticing.
Some of the signs of endometriosis are:
  • Cramping before or after the menstrual cycle;
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding; and
  • Pain and/or discomfort during intercourse.
Many times, women don’t even know that they have endometriosis because the symptoms may not be noticeable until the pain is too much to bear. For this reason, it’s very important that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or that are mentioned in any other source of information, please visit your doctor right away.

From my personal experience, endometriosis developed in my uterus when I was 23 years old. After several tests and much deliberation, I was placed on a treatment called Lupron. Lupron is given as a shot to cease the menstrual cycle for 6 months. The side effects include menopause, which lasts for the length of the treatment. It was definitely a very tough experience, and it offered temporary relief.
Nearly 9 years after being diagnosed, the endometriosis returned, leading me to make the decision to have a hysterectomy. However; I was left with my ovaries because of my age, to which the endometriosis could still make its way to find a home in the ovaries, as endometriosis is somewhat born out of the ovulation cycle.
Much research has been done on endometriosis and many doctors scratch their heads because they aren’t sure why women get this. But endometriosis can be linked to emotional traumas such as sexual abuse and the emotions that we may attach to those memories of pain that make any woman feel unworthy, ashamed, and fearful. Learning to identify our emotional traumas and facing them with conviction to overcome them can break us free from the cycle of pain that endometriosis brings.
Here are a few tips that may help ease the pain and monthly reproduction of endometriosis:
Cardio: Any kind of sport that would activate the lymph nodes is recommendable. This helps your bloodstream to flow, as to get rid of any unnecessary toxins. Here are some good work-outs to consider: Running, jogging, speed-walking, and spinning.
Healthy Eating: The key is not to avoid your favorite foods, but instead to balance your diet, adding healthier options each time. Here are some recommendable options: Fruits, such as passion fruit (papaya), strawberries, bananas, watermelon, grapes, and others.
Any type of juicing with beets is beneficial for the immune system, helping to cleanse the blood.
Yogurts (preferably non-dairy ones) are really helpful for the female organs in general, offering protection against other vaginal infections such as yeast infections, UTI, and so forth.
If you are a chocolate lover, dark chocolate is recommendable.
Natural Remedies: Many times nature’s gifts are far beyond more powerful than any legalized medication. The following listed remedies have proven to have great results, especially when dealing with inflammation: Calendula, Teas, Moringa, Bajo and to pacify the pain, the intake of La Maria (cannabis). You can also use a Yoni Egg, which is a crystal in the shape of an egg used to restore vaginal tissues.

Positive Thinking: Our minds are very powerful as we are creators of life and life is created through us. We can practice anything that resonates with our lifestyle to help the mind ease, to elevate the emotions, and to produce thoughts of optimism: Meditation, positive visualization/affirmations, and walks in nature are some of the tools that are helpful to rewire our minds and embark on the journey of inner healing.

Endometriosis seems to be the new red, evoking a sense of panic on many young women. Even the possibilities of becoming pregnant can seem alarming, whether the person is ready or not to become a parent. Thankfully, endometriosis is a monster that can be controlled and many solutions can be attained, we just need to know that in due time healing comes and we are able to overcome any and all obstacles because we are warriors.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about endometriosis, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Have a nice day! Besos.

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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