Fear is Energy

Fear is not overcome from one day to the next. Letting go of fear is a practice that, if applied often, could become an easier element to experience. Fear, just like judgment, happiness, and so forth, are similar in that, each is part of the human experience.
We exist in a century that is awakening many minds towards self-discovery,  but it does not exempt us from experiencing humanity as it is. With fears, some that feel as if they would drive us to insanity, and others that seem to never cease. But, that is humanity. We feel many emotions, in many ways, under many different circumstances, and that is O.K.
Fear may kick in and become our companion for a while. It may drag us towards the darkest of corners, and it may feel as if it is digging holes in many aspects of our lives. But with practice and action on our part, we can learn to overcome it. How else do we learn things in life? By trying to accomplish something, and taking steps towards it, until we reach our goals. And even after reaching our goals, if fear comes back around, then we will be ready to face it because fear is not a flaw or an ‘enemy’. Fear is energy.
Fear is the awareness of the mind/body that there is something there that we need to pay attention to – not to manifest it (if it is a negative thought). However, fear is there so we may take a look at it and examine why it is there and where it is coming from. There are thousands of materials on how to overcome this factor, and I believe each works in accordance with the person and how it is perceived.
Fear is part of life, and there are many, many, many levels of fear. I’m sure there are many people that have overcome this element in all its facets. Many are trying to overcome it. Others don’t have their attention on this matter. But, whatever it is that our fear or fears may be, we are humans, and fear happens and that’s O.K. With practice, with purpose, and with determination, we could orient our path and our journey to be fearless.
When fear strikes we may make one of two choices: Let it consume us longer than it should, even to the point of madness, or face it and overcome it. Fear is an energy that we need to learn how to operate.
With all of our heartfelt intentions, we can face fear and strengthen ourselves, little by little. Help is always there: people that offer a helping hand, Mother Nature and her capacity to embrace us with courage, and beings of light such as angels, archangels, saints, masters and so forth. All are great contributors to the healing of our mind, body, and soul, to rise above fear and be.
One step at a time! Poquito a Poco!

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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