Humanity by Noemi Capote

Humanity is not suspended in the air and independent from everything that exists in the entire existence of the Universe. We are physical beings who produce many thoughts, have many ideas, feel many emotions, and want many material things. Everything existing today is the manifestation of someone’s thoughts, brought into action.
In the big picture of life here on Earth, the suffering seems to be unstoppable and the search for happiness endless. And that’s the thing, it all becomes a search instead of an experience. But to get from one idea to the next we must first understand what humanity is.

Humanity is the experience of ego, pride, happiness, joy, anger, fear, and so many different elements which are derived from life here on Earth. Nothing more, and nothing less. There is no one to blame, no past to judge, and no future to deny. Humanity is an energy field of it all, the so-called good and bad. It’s one of the few species able to comprehend life in such a vast way and the kind that can create physical/material amenities, which is life as we know it.
The mind is where it all exists for the human. In the mind, everything is collected, recycled, and reused. We save the memories of each experience, some remain, others get forgotten, but we collect them, which later on pop up into thoughts. Thoughts are the recompilation of everything lived, but also of anything that we might want to experience or avoid. It seems as if the mind has several thought processes and a vast array of visions that, depending on the way we perceive life, affects our lives on many levels.
We hold the answers to our questions, doubts, desires, and much more within. It may feel scary, as if we’re going against God, or as if we may be doing something disturbing, but that can be untangled through the introduction of who we really are, what we really want to experience, what our material desires are, what our spiritual desires are, what our inner growth can achieve, what our physical body can empower, what life do we want to live before it ends for the body…
Freedom truly comes from within, because nothing that’s outside of us can truly give us that. However, it is in the way that we can logically fit our perception of life and others that marks the journey.
There are many resources that provide helpful information on the subject of the mind. We are very grateful to count with the expertise of an individual, who has devoted 35 plus years of his life, on the subject of consciousness and all things mind, Geoffrey Henshall. Given to the fact that this topic may be new to many, or perhaps it’s something that we want to further develop, we are having an open forum in which you the reader is welcome to provide with any questions related to this topic.
For starters, the following question was delivered:
  • In s1mple words, how can someone who for 20 + years of life has perceived life through superstition, religion, rigid doctrines and so forth, transform their perspective into the awareness of the now?
  • How can the mind be trained to understand the value of the present moment and for awareness to start to become a new lifestyle?
Stay tuned for the answers and feel welcome to submit yours.
Remember, one step at a time. Poquito a Poco.
Thank you.

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