Yoni Egg

IS the sacred stone that heals our ‘sacred space’ and womanhood, from the inside out.
As women, we can agree that our bodies go through much since childhood. A sea of emotions captures our cells and our experiences play a big impact in our lives, driving us to moments of, well, somewhat insanity. As we get older, things don’t get any better. Our hormones seem to rebel against us, leading us to moments of physical pain and discomfort, not to mention the seldom tears that just fall from our eyes with a mixture of emotions that may leave us asking: What the heck?

With this roller-coaster that seems to not come to a stop, we may rely on a variety of remedies to help us cope with our womanhood. We may try anything and everything on the menu to find healing, balance, physical wellness, and liberation. Not everything works, but as women, we can be certain that giving up is not an option, and just sometimes, a magical jewel may be found that can offer an effective solution. Let me introduce you to the Yoni Egg.
The Yoni Egg is a sacred stone in the shape of an egg made of crystals such as rose quartz and nephrite jade, to name a few. It was introduced to members of Royal Palaces thousands of years ago and for a while now, it’s become available to everyday women. Its purpose is to restore sensuality (and to awaken it), remove any trauma stored within the nervous system, and to help with issues such as infertility, endometriosis, menstrual pains, hormone imbalance, among others.
Yoni Eggs
From my personal experience, I can attest to its effectiveness. After dealing with endometriosis for over 10 years and having had a hysterectomy at the age of 32, my womanhood was greatly affected. When I learned about the Yoni Egg, I went ahead and used it, and little by little, the issues I was dealing with started to cease. It helped me with the intense pain I felt coming from my ovaries, as well as with the restoration of my hormonal and emotional state.

It gives us the opportunity to create a space where we can connect with our souls, helping us to face our inner battles while stating positive affirmations. Feeling the wounds in our hearts heal and expanding our femininity.

yoni egg beauty

To use it, it’s recommended to create a sacred time and space to connect to the healing properties of the stone and with our emotional state. Setting positive intentions, we must insert the egg as if we were a tampon and leave it there for as long as desired. It could be for 30 minutes, to a few hours, or even a couple of days. While using it, we can exercise, clean the house, go out in nature, or just relax.

Given that it’s a sacred stone, it releases a strong energy force that infuses all issues at hand with great healing, especially emotional issues. I highly recommend it to all women looking for physical and personal transformation.

The Yoni Egg is the magical jewel that you have been waiting for. You can find more information about the Yoni Egg online and visit Etsy to shop for one:

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