Article -Valerie

Death is the inevitable force that strikes everyone at some level, leaving behind scars that don’t seem to heal, even as time passes by… even as we may have come to accept it. Some people get the heads up about their final days on Earth. Others search for it. Many are taken by surprise. Whatever the case, death is the unavoidable destination of our physical existence.

When death knocks, it revolutionizes our lives. It hurts. It feels unjustified. The Whys are endless and many hearts get stuck in devastating chaos. In times like this, we tend to long to see them again, to hear them again. Just one more time. But, is it possible to communicate with our deceased loved ones?

The deceased keep living in a realm of spiritual renewal, and we seldom can communicate with them via dreams. A key element of when we dream with a deceased loved one is that they don’t move their lips even if we can hear their voices. It’s more of a telepathy kind of communication. Thankfully, there are experts that can assist to establish a communication with our deceased loved ones, such as Valerie Kwietniak of Intuitive Spirit Paintings.

Valerie Kwietniak is an Artistic Medium and founder of Intuitive Spirit Paintings. Her unique mediumship approach allows our souls to find clarity on this Earth, where so many beliefs constrict our minds, and we are left out of experiencing life in its natural state, where communion with all beings, especially beings of the ethereal, is empowering. With Valerie, we can appreciate the value that exists in life, even after our bodies are gone. Her gifts are divinely guided to assist us on Earth with healing the wounds caused by the loss of a loved one.


Intuitive Spirit Paintings is a virtual platform where communication with our deceased loved ones is manifested through paintings. Valerie’s art is based on her unique style of faceless angels, animal spirits, and landscapes, and each element is inspired by a message of light and of love.

Perhaps, nothing can truly bring warmth into our hearts when our loved ones are gone from the physical plane, and it may take us years to heal the void in our lives. But, we can certainly continue our relationship with them, in a more substantial way. If we are seeking to establish a communication with a deceased loved one, Valerie’s services can grant a fulfilling experience and bring transformation to our pain.

“Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and forever dear.” (author unknown)



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