The Dome

There are few places on Earth that can be considered enchanted. Natural ones and man-made ones. One that you can stay for two nights or more. One that would bring inspiration, relaxation, and transformation in your life. Keep reading to discover one of them, located in the historical community of Clarcona, Florida.

This place, in particular, is a geodesic dome, let’s call it the Dome. It could possibly be confused with a fairy house, truly. A gravel driveway gives entrance to The Dome, while wonder and excitement take over you as you drive through the long, tree-lined path. This property is the symbol of enchantment, with an arched tree perfectly situated by the front entrance, welcoming you to a magical space. Once inside the Dome, the perfection of structure, style, commodity, and spirit receives you with open arms, inviting you to enter a different dimension… And it’s going to be enjoyable.

This family-friendly creation is a monument of self-discovery and self-renewal. An ashram where you are the guru, and you are the healer, and you are the answer … It’s where you can find delight in the small things in life.

Oh, and the furniture, the fixtures, the marvelous kitchen, the gadgets, book selection, accents, the art, and that master bedroom and bathroom…. Ufff! I can go on and on about how majestic this place is, and my words won’t come close to describing it to its full extent.

This geodesic dome is beyond a regular space to live in. It is a space where you can express all that you are, comfortably spreading your wings. Staying at this fantastic place can help you find self-realization, and help carve the path to self-love.

The Dome is in the care of Sharon, a loving, helpful, understanding, and did I say a loving person? She nurtures The Dome with deep regard, making sure that guests enjoy it to the fullest. Sharon allows the world to partake of a loving creation by making it available on Airbnb. In the process, she’s witnessing the transformation that many guests reveal to be experiencing after their stay at The Dome.

The Dome is the remedy that the body needs to help ease the mind, and recharge the soul.

One step at a time, we go.

S1mply Be!


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