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Number 13 – A Symbol of Purpose

In any way that we may interpret number 13, the fundamental message is about the advancement and transformation/renewal of humanity, starting with our individual purpose. Though number 13 has a predominantly negative influence due to superstitions of all sorts of struggles, we want to focus on the positive vibration of number 13.

Number 13’s influence has many prophetic interpretations with regards to our life’s purpose, teaching that it is up to us to discover it and have trust in our individual journey. But what’s our purpose? For the most part, we want something out of this life: Love and to reach a sense of harmony in our relationships. We want to feel secure and feel protected. We want to have good health and have a flow of money. Our common goal is to achieve a state of peace and to experience goodness – positive outcomes only.

But this pressure to have a linear life can somehow startle us through our journey. We can find ourselves hiding away from our true fulfillment because we aren’t meeting the high standards of life, and we may find our purpose to be inexplicably unattainable. So, how do we attain our purpose?

The answers are plenty. Just Googling about this topic we could find an array of solutions, tools, doors, paths… all offering a way to find our true purpose and how to attain it. We can use services such as those offered by Anthony Hadeed, of Dare To Discover God’s Plan For Your Life’s Purpose (check out the link below) or many others available. But, what if nothing works? What if we don’t fit within the scope of what’s out there?? Well, then we go within.

The light and the dark within each of us is our internal compass. Sometimes, the needle points strongly towards the dark. We may feel angry/frustrated and ready to give up on our journey because we just can’t be all positive and all-loving and all kind. Other times, the needle points towards the light. We may feel determined, joyous, and ready to make bold choices to improve our lives. We have a daily human path to walk, and sometimes we will feel good, and other times we will feel not good. But this doesn’t mean that we are horrible people, unbalanced, unwell. Or, that we can’t achieve what we desire because we can’t remain in a constant state of goodness. It s1mply means that we are human beings experiencing vast emotions and trying to be better every day. Better. NOT PERFECT!

So how do we find our purpose? How is number 13 a symbol of our purpose? White Eagle, a practicing medicine man describes in his book, The Medicine of Numbers, the interpretation of number 13 in a way that takes us outside of limited beliefs, explaining that number 13 teaches about expressing our unique role in life. A way to express this role on Earth is by figuring out on our own, in communion with our spiritual source, on how to become the best we can by releasing limitations. It recommends using the method of meditation to easily figure it out.

Our purpose looks a lot like the combination of our darkness and our light, and what we decide to do with our abilities and talents. We may stick to one thing or we may do many, many things at the same time. Living up our purpose is feeling content with what we do, even when things get rough.

We each have our perceptions about spiritual truths. We each understand the language of the source of life in many different ways. What works for one may or may not work for the other. But, for purposes of this platform, number 13 speaks to those that are currently in an open spiritual path, teaching that our purpose is a personal concern and that when we are ready to take action, we could express our purpose through our talents, abilities, passions, dreams, and our character.

Number 13 as a symbol of purpose reminds us of inner strength. An inner strength needed to be able to fill us with the creative power that can propel us to take action and keep on.

In hopes that you find encouragement to expand and to grow, 1 step at a t1me, we go.

S1mply Be… you.


ANTHONY HADEED: https://daretodiscover.com/

WHITE EAGLE: http://www.aspiritwalker.com

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