Which Way?

Do you feel that your inner knowing is vast and you’re in connection with God, even though you don’t practice a particular doctrine or even go to church?

Do you feel you have the ability to heal others even though you have no title for it?

You speak to Jesus. You do gardening together with Nature Spirits. You stroll down the park hand in hand with Archangel Michael… Your intuition is powerful, helpful, transformational. Do you feel vibrant? However, you’re doubtful, scared, unsure….

It’s complex to embrace our spirituality when we face obstacles.

There are so many spiritual paths and doctrines in place, that many people are left feeling alone, disappointed, and very frustrated. Arguments arise, disagreements seem endless and the need to feel connected to source – to God – can become a pessimistic demand instead of a joyous experience.  On the West, we have Catholicism and Christianity as the predominant spiritual paths, and around the world, there are hundreds of other powerhouse spiritual practices that also declare, this is the one way.

The rules and regulations established by spiritual organizations can make someone feel unworthy of spiritual love, especially when we have flaws and mistakes. We know how it goes when we feel tied down, unable to breathe and carry on with our soul’s calling.

Even the open spiritual paths – those that convey the message of enlightenment and awakening – demand that we remain in a constant positive vibration flow and to stay away from those that aren’t loving and positive. This can cause constraints in our lives, especially, when we face emotional battles and react negatively, making us feel that God is only there for us, if and when, we are all good and all positive. Notwithstanding, we should remind ourselves on a daily basis that we are a compilation of good and bad, and it’s perfectly fine to have down days; be mad/angry, and so forth.

Being a human being is challenging, yet, we can rest assured that God doesn’t pick and choose. God is in each person. We are all part of the creation, whether we are good or not.

So, how do we know which one is the right spiritual path for us?

Can we believe in Jesus and the practice of his teachings outside of religious walls?

Can we be connected to other supernatural sources of divine love?

Of course! Jesus is not the only being of light that many wish to seek a relationship with. There are Angels, Archangels, other Masters, and many other beings of light that form the infinite body of divine love. So, we can certainly be in connection and establish a relationship with whomever we decide to.

Remember, we are what we believe.

Also remember that, in the name of God many people do horrendous things, including hating those who don’t share their faith. So, focusing on our spiritual authenticity can help us feel grounded in a world where so much instability tears hearts and minds apart for the sake of ‘righteous ways.’

Let’s consider the following questions to help us find alignment and expansion in our spiritual practice. Answering each question will give us clarity as to what we truly feel in our hearts and what we truly want to experience:

What do I believe in?

Do I feel harmony with my belief?

How do I want to practice what I believe in?

What should I study to deepen my belief?

There are hundreds of ways to approach a better understanding of our spiritual beliefs. In the end, the answers are within us.

It’s in our chosen perception of spiritual realities, and how we carry them out, that we can live true to our faith.

We each have a unique force to share and as conscious beings ready to take charge of our personal legends, we should honor our spiritual belief and practice, and feel harmonious with our choices. Why not?

Let’s appreciate our spiritual source, no matter if it has a name or not, or whether it is practiced at a particular location, with a group or alone. What matters is that it’s helping us to find light and clarity about our souls and our existence as human beings. Helping us to dissolve the chains of pain and accept who we are, with the good and the bad.

Whatever it is, embrace it, learning and growing, one step at a time.

Noemi Capote


Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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