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TRANSFORMATION – A re-birth through the life of the Butterfly

Around Springtime, many embark on a spiritual journey seeking, perhaps, for a rebirth. An inner transformation that can help us enjoy good health, experience financial freedom, emotional liberation, and spiritual certainty.

Spring inspires us to re-captivate our essence and to find a reason to be born again.

Let’s journey with one of the most attractive insects that we have, Butterflies, in particular, the Monarch, and let’s find inspiration to fill our minds with determination, to snap out of our fears and negative patterns, and to experience a transformation that can help fulfill our personal paths.


There is a beginning for everything. The stage when ideals and dreams are encapsulated in a vibrant mantel. The incubation period is filled with innocence, and most importantly, with hopes.


Once we give birth to our new perspective, behavioral patterns, or even dreams, our baby steps can be thrilling, filled with fear, excitement, at times confusion, and determination. But no matter how frightening the road ahead may seem, we keep on moving forward.


As we grow, we deepen our senses and abilities, putting them to good use to help us achieve the transformation that we desire to experience. But it is during this period of growth that we may encounter challenges. Perhaps, we may doubt the new course in life that we have taken, but the key is to accept the challenge and overcome it by not giving up.


Throughout our journey, we may wonder about our intentions, about what we truly want to do. What’s important to remember is why we started this journey in the first place. To remember how far we’ve come, and to continue to learn and to grow.


Just as caterpillars do before becoming butterflies, rest is essential to be able to reach our desired goals. It’s a time to reflect upon our destination, make necessary adjustments, and focus on our true desires.


Caterpillars need to build a solid foundation before they are able to let go of their existence as a caterpillar and enter the cocoon stage. In the same way, it’s important to establish solid foundations before we can leave behind what we once were and embrace the new that’s ahead. It’s not about how much we can have but about what we are relying on to support our passions, our ideals, and our goals.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190401191120841_COVERHANGING IN THERE

When we have worked hard to build a foundation that can be reliable and trustworthy, the time comes to hang in there. Caterpillars reach a breaking point in this stage of their lives, and we too reach that breaking point at some time in our lives. A breaking point where we need to make important decisions and stick to them so that we may prepare ourselves to let go of the old to allow the new.


Before transformation takes place, change needs to occur. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a painful change. We just need to let go of everything we once were by allowing our intentions to reveal the new path to follow. Embracing our fears, accepting the change and trusting in the process.


Once an egg, then a caterpillar, afterward a cocoon, and now a butterfly… Lots went on to make it here. Now, here we are, with inner power and beauty ready to live our transformation. Change is a process of letting go. Transformation is a process of acceptance.


Beauty, Here & Now

Look how beautiful you are, inside and out. My spirit has emerged in your life to remind you to become the being that you are meant to be. Metamorphosis takes place, and it seems you have already gone through the roughest of times.

With the here and now, just as us Butterflies do, enjoyment is on demand, and it’s time to fly towards the sources that will nurture your new nature. However, make sure to take your time to rest, and let the Sun recharge your existence when needed.

It takes much work to become an eye-catching insect, and it takes much time and dedication to develop your human capabilities to its fullest, and you my dear already have become all you can be, so show off your wings, and fly, spreading beauty and love forever. MESSAGE FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE BUTTERFLY FROM THE BOOK AN ANIMAL’S LOVE BY NOEMI CAPOTE.

Wishing that we each get to accept the changes in our lives that are necessary to help us achieve transformation.

With light and love,

Noemi Capote


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