Holistic Allergy Elimination

20190614_111717_0000Summer is here, nice sunny days in South Florida, strolls at the beach, pool days, and also allergies.

My daughter, Bianca, was born with allergies, something she inherited from me. From being allergic to peanuts, strawberries, rice, ice cream, and yogurt, she had to become familiar with medications such as Benadryl. We tested her through blood work as well as through skin test, both confirming her allergies to food, pollen, and pet dander. Under doctor’s recommendations, she was receiving a high dosage of nebulizer three times a day. A year into her treatment, her lips started to get dry and a small sore started to grow from her bottom lip to her shin. Not being sure what was causing it, we continued to give her the treatment.

Unfortunately, if the nebulizer treatment is given to a child in high dosages, it could cause kidney failure and the sign for that is sores around the lips. Without hesitation, after learning about this, we stopped giving her the nebulizer, and the search for another treatment began.

This is how we became familiar with BioSET and Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. A noninvasive Chinese medicine treatment that releases blockages and resets the immune system.


Bianca’s first set of treatments were done at the Miami Beach Pediatrics. She was 3 then. Here, she was treated for wheat, sugar, lactose, fruit, mosquito bites. After four (4) visits she was healed, able to enjoy rice and strawberries without any allergic reaction.

What we learned is that our bodies are supposed to be immune to everything that surrounds it, but our bodies many times build up excess energy that produces blockages in our nerve points. As time went by, Bianca’s reaction to dust and pet dander became a little intense, and by then, we were very fortunate to find Dr. Karen Rowe, of Fort Lauderdale Acupuncture, Inc. She’s located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With only 2 sessions in place with Dr. Rowe, Bianca was able to drastically minimize her reaction towards the daily dust allergies that used to intensely affect her. Dr. Rowe recommended to take samples of hairs from all dogs that Bianca might be in contact with, and so we did. Everyone in the family cooperated and off we went with ziplock bags with dog’s hairs to visit Dr. Rowe. To make a long story short, Bianca became allergy free from three (3) out of the five (5) dogs that we had taken samples off (some allergy reactors are higher than others). Before she received the treatment, she would need to either take the allergy medication before visiting families with dogs or take it within the hour. Now, she doesn’t have a reaction as dramatic as she used to. As Dr. Rowe explained, it is very common for the body to take some time to the new way it reacts to what used to cause a negative reaction.


This experience has been of great significance for Bianca because we are just so thrilled with the results from the BioSet techniques. I take her once a year for a tune-up.

I highly recommend the BioSET and Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, and Dr. Karen Rowe’s for her professional noninvasive treatments.  Dr. Rowe not only helps children but also adults that have issues with stomach and acne issues. She has the patience to teach about the treatment and offers great guidance. Dr. Rowe is friendly and highly intuitive. The treatment is phenomenal, and though we could only dream that insurances would help pay for such effective treatments, Dr. Rowe’s prices are affordable.

Thanks for reading!

Fort Lauderdale Acupuncture, Inc.
Karen L. Rowe, AP, DOM
3042 N. Federal Hwy. Suite #203
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306

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