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Mines in the Mind

There are many ways to help deal with the thoughts that have formed mines in our minds. Mines that can frighten our existence making us tiptoe through life to avoid an explosion. We can consume prescription medications, psychedelics, and we can combine it with meditation methods, such as movement meditation or mantra meditation. The practices and tools to help reach a balanced mental state are plenty, but the detail is in the personal decision and actions taken to achieve it. 

The mental space is very personal and very private, and in our minds we have thoughts that at times don’t let us breathe, overlapping on each other and entangling our emotional state.

In order to alleviate the impact that certain thoughts have on our character and body, we must explore their roots, trying to identify what causes us to have those thoughts, whether by someone, a situation, or something energetic. This doesn’t come easy, and it takes an internal force to catapult us into taking action, as often as we can, to explore the mines in the mental plane, and help charge it with positive energy.

Everything depends on the firm decisions that we make to face the demons that keep the mines activated in our minds. From taking meditation classes, consuming mental stimulants such as La Maria, or even consulting the stars, one solution is enough for the mental field to be cleared of mines: Personal confidence and determination to understand why they are there, and decide what to do with them: if to keep dealing with them or deactivate them and remove them, once and for all.

As many tools exist to help us alleviate our mental traffic, we have created a short clip, in association with my10kday.org, to help stimulate the mind with hopes that you can make good use of it, as often as you can. Remember that the mind is a muscle, and just like going to the gym to get fit, it all depends on our daily practice and determination to achieve the results that we desire. 

Enjoy of this beautiful clip and watch it as often as you can:

One Step At A T1m3,

Noemi Capote


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