As human beings, it can be very hard to make firm decisions of letting go of certain burdens from the past, and to go on with life without it negatively affecting our present moment. We are ready to let it all go, but sometimes it doesn’t work: Who are we blaming? Who do we resent or even hate? Whose fault was it? Forget about forgiveness! What to do then?

There are many A through Z tools available to assist us in letting go of the past. We can find help to free us from the pain that we carry from the experiences that cursed us, scared us, cut our hearts wide open, and even condemned us. And if we are in the path of personal healing, we must try our best to figure out which one works for us and put it into practice.

What if, instead of letting go of the past, we learn to embrace it? By embracing the past – embracing the pain, the abuse, the abandonment, the beatings, the screams, the reproaches, the “good”, bad and the ugly, we take charge of our individual force and decide how it will affect us from this point forward. 

Sometimes, by embracing what was done, what we did, what wasn’t done, all of it, we get to realize that it’s necessary to accept that the past is part of who we are. The things we don’t want to think about, but are there reminding us of past experiences and opening the wound – sometimes making the wound even bigger. We gotta embrace them.

Unfortunately, sometimes we cause pain to each other, and we are left to live with memories that can make our lives even more challenging. In some way or another, those negative experiences have propelled our lives to take the shape it’s taken, and to be able to continue on this journey, we need to be ready to surrender and release the burden of our past. 

We don’t want to ignore the bad things that happened to us. We don’t want to continue to remember the past and feel negative emotions. We don’t want to carry on with our disappointments, with guilt, with doubts… We want to overcome the negative ways in which certain memories affect us, and start seeing the past as a lesson and not as a torture. 

It is time to become responsibles for our perceptions and the way we allow ourselves to behave towards our past. It’s time to embrace everything that makes us who we are and decide if, to keep on with the negative, or transform it into something positive.


I believe that we can try many things to help our thoughts and emotions to be balanced, but the truth is that we are human beings and sometimes we are going to be up, and other times, we are going to be down below the surface of the unknown, where fear creeps and nothing is possible anymore. 

We all go there, to our dark places and we gotta stop feeling bad or strange about it. 

We are humans, and this is not an excuse, on the contrary, it’s a reinforcement that our mental and emotional state can get wacky sometimes, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s truly time for all of us to embrace this. 

However, we also need to do something physical to help our internal world achieve that harmonious state, we wish we could remain in. There are hundreds of practices out there, and please, I highly recommend that you find one that works for you and use it. 

EFT is one of those tools that can help. This is a technique that consists of using our fingertips to tap on specific meridian points of our bodies, hands, face, chest, and head, while intentionally affirming to release and surrender any ailments.

I personally like to recommend this tool because it’s easy to learn and we can do it on our own. EFT truly works, if we do it with dedication and consistency. 


In hopes that you find this tool useful, below please find a set of instructions for the tapping and meditation, including a bonus video. This complimentary and lovely video was created by Meri Spahic of The Spiritual Sense.

Tap each meridian 3 times with the opposite hand (your choice of hand), using two or three fingers. Repeat the affirmations numbered below that are paired to each meridian (listed in image above) and feel the intentions in your heart to truly do what you are affirming. 

After tapping all 8 points, grab the hand that was tapping your head, take a deep breath and as you release the breath say: Peace. 

Then, meditate for a few minutes.

Even though my past is painful, I’m ready to face this pain. I’m ready to embrace the lesson. Even though, some experiences in the past still affect me in a negative way, I’m here, ready to face the negativity. I’m ready to release. I’m ready to surrender. Even though my past blocks me from enjoying my present, I’m here, ready to overcome the blocks. I’m ready to release. I’m ready to surrender.

Although my past hurts me, I’m ready to embrace its lesson.

Although my mind and emotions get disturbed by my past, I’m ready to face it.

Although my heart and body get consumed in negative emotions from things that happened in my past, I’m ready to take my own responsibility.

Although thoughts can trigger my energy to lower, I’m ready to take charge of my inner self and alter my energy to vibrate higher and higher.

Although my past sucks, it does not define me. It does not control me. It does not affect me in a negative way. I’m ready to embrace my past.

I release the pain that my past has caused me. I surrender the negative effects that my past experiences brought upon me. I embrace my past. I embrace my past.

I’m ready to be freed from the negative grip my past has had over my life. I forgive myself. I forgive him, her, them, us… I forgive because I want my past to stop affecting me negatively. I want to set myself free from pain and suffering. I release, surrender, and most importantly, I embrace my past for it’s made me stronger.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Visualize yourself on a gorgeous beach, where the water is celestial blue and the rays of the Sun seem as a blanket of crystals shining on the vast and deep sea.

See yourself standing at the shore, and you notice a few seagulls fly by, the waves crashing at your feet, making you feel the water between your toes, warm and cold. Just perfect.

You feel the breeze caressing your face, your hair standing from the wind that brings you a sweet and delicate scent, making you smile.

You are ready to release. You are ready to surrender. You are ready to embrace what was and change what is.

As you stand tall in the middle of this paradise, you feel certain of your choices and the decisions that will come.

You know what needs to be done. You are thankful. You are at peace.

Continue to feel the water beneath your feet, as it makes the sand dance.

Feel your heart calm. Feel your mind calm. Feel your body calm. Breathe.

When ready, open your eyes. 


    1. I’m so glad this resonates with you. I hope you find this useful. A few days ago I had a live meeting via Zoom on this subject. I will start having monthly gatherings once a month, starting January ’21. DM via IG to @noemi.creativesouls, if you would like to learn more (no cost to participate) :))


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