The Dome by Noemi Capote

thedomeThere are few places on Earth that can be considered enchanted. Natural ones and man-made ones. One that you can stay for two nights or more. One that would bring inspiration, relaxation, and transformation in your life. Keep reading to discover one of them, located in the historical community of Clarcona, Florida.

This place in particular is a geodesic dome, let’s call it The Dome. It could possibly be confused with a fairy house, truly. A gravel driveway gives entrance to The Dome, while wonder and excitement take over you as you drive through the long, tree lined path. This property is the symbol of enchantment, with an arched tree perfectly situated by the front entrance, welcoming you to a magical space. Once inside The Dome, the perfection of structure, style, commodity, and spirit receives you with open arms, inviting you to enter a different dimension… And it’s going to be enjoyable.

This family friendly creation is a monument of self-discovery and self-renewal. An ashram where you are the guru, and you are the healer, and you are the answer … It’s where you can find delight in the small things in life.

Oh, and the furniture, the fixtures, the marvelous kitchen, the gadgets, book selection, accents, the art, and that master bedroom and bathroom…. Ufff! I can go on and on about how majestic this place is, and my words won’t come close to describing it to its full extent.

This geodesic dome is beyond a regular space to live in. It is a space where you can express all that you are, comfortably spreading your wings. Staying at this fantastic place can help you find self-realization, and help carve the path to self-love.

The Dome is in the care of Sharon. Sharon is loving, helpful, loving, understanding, and did I say a loving person? She nurtures The Dome with deep regard, making sure that guests enjoy of it to the fullest. Sharon allows the world to partake of a loving creation by making it available on Airbnb. In the process, she’s witnessing the transformation that many guests reveal to be experiencing after their stay at The Dome.

The Dome is the remedy that the body needs to help ease the mind, and recharge the soul.



Fear Happens, And It’s O.K. by Noemi Capote

Fear is not overcome from one day to the next. Letting go of fear is a practice that, if applied often, could become an easier element to experience. Fear, just like judgment, happiness, and so forth, are similar in that, each is part of the human experience. To think that it is wrong or inappropriate to experience any would be negating humanity as it is. We exist in a century that is awakening many minds towards a self-search and discovery that has the potential to transform lives into greatness and love. But, it does not exempt us from experiencing humanity as it is. With fears; some that feel as if they would drive us to insanity, and others that seem to never cease. But, that is humanity. We feel many emotions, in many ways, under many different circumstances, and that is O.K.
Fear may kick in and become our companion for a while. It may drag us towards the darkest of corners, and it may feel as if it is digging holes in many aspects of our lives. But with practice and action on our part, we can learn to overcome it. How else do we learn things in life? By trying to accomplish something, and taking steps towards it, until we reach our goals. And even after reaching our goals, if fear comes back around, then we will be ready to face it because fear is not a flaw or an ‘enemy’. Fear is an energy.
Fear is the awareness of the mind/body that there is something there that we need to pay attention to. Not to manifest it (if it is a negative thought). However, fear is there so we may take a look at it and examine why it is there and where it is coming from. There are thousands of materials on how to overcome this factor and I believe each works in accordance to the person and how it is perceived. They are all a collective message to help us live from the inside out.
Fear is part of life, and there are many, many, many levels of fear. I’m sure there are many people that have overcome this element in all its facets. Many are trying to overcome it. Others don’t have their attention to this matter. But, whatever it is that our fear or fears may be, we are humans, and fear happens. And that’s O.K. With practice, with purpose, and with will we could orient our path and our journey, to be fearless.
When fear strikes we may make one of two choices: Let it consume us longer than it should, even to the point of madness, or face it and overcome it.
With all of our heartfelt intentions, we can face fear and strengthen ourselves, little by little. Help is always there: people that offer a helping hand, Mother Nature and her capacity to embrace us with courage, and beings of light such as angels, archangels, saints, masters and so forth). – All are great contributors of healing for our mind, body, and soul, to rise above fear and be.
One step at a time! Poquito a Poco!

Does The World Need A Change? by Noemi Capote

Take a glance at the news today and it feels like the world is ending. From the chaos in politics to tragedies in the entertainment industry, from lives being taken away in atrocious ways, to personal craziness, the world seems to be in its worse shape ever.
What about the main issue that seems to grab hold of most of the humanity, financial status? Most of us are stuck in the grasp of financial restriction, and/or distress of what we have at the moment of not being enough. This can be stressful, leading to physical illness and other problems that come with excess stress.
Let’s not leave behind the still ongoing issue that society has against different cultures regarding customs and religious beliefs.  **  Ah! Spirituality, it can be a big one for many.
So many conflicts. So much sadness.
Does the world need a change? You think?
For example, how can a government, who should exist to protect its country and the people in it, be so blinded by ego as to cause human alienation? In Venezuela, at least in my hometown Ciudad Ojeda, hunger, fear, and anguish are raging people’s homes. Most are suffering very much, and it feels impossible to make that type of government dissolve and to return to its roots, of freedom and love for its people. But I guess that each individual has a personal agenda and a purpose to serve, even in the cruelest of ways.
The world does need a change!
Right now it feels like we are on the verge of some miracle to just happen because it is becoming overwhelming. It feels as if Earth is spinning faster each moment, and we’re racing to get ‘there’. To our special there. And there’s nothing wrong in that, it’s just that there is a vast amount of cruelty that cannot go unnoticed.
However, haven’t all generations witnessed troubling times? Such as those who lived through the times of worldwide wars. That must have been insane to live through, not only to witness it but also to be affected by it, and this reveals that the world seems to be hurting for quite some time and, for a positive change to be abolished as law.
But again, what’s with this change? Yes, we may believe that love is the answer and that a change towards the positive is essential, but how can it change the world?
It’s nothing really, because change only occurs one person at a time, and at different levels, through different circumstances, making positive change almost impossible to be appreciated as a whole.
Nonetheless, this “change” may represent the personal wellness program needed in life in order to become attuned to one’s body, mind, and soul, and most importantly, to heal.
Healing is what continues to happen on the path of change.
Does this mean that one needs to be spiritual, religious, goody-good, do yoga, sing OMs to showcase a change? Though those particular tools can help carve the path, in reality, change is about our individual persona and learning to take personal responsibility for our actions.
Being as it may, the following questions may help lead towards the path of change, or at least to help release much heaviness of the mind and of the heart:
What are your desires?
What are your dreams?
What do you believe to be real in life?
What do you enjoy doing most?
What can be a fulfilling career for you?
What steps are you taking to get you there?
Does money trouble you?
Does religion and/or spiritual matters trouble you?
Do politics and other world matters trouble you?
How can they stop to trouble you?
Do you feel guilty, ashamed, unworthy, doubtful, confused? If yes to any, why?
Are you blaming anyone for the negative in your life, and this includes yourself?
Are you hurting? If yes, why?
What would lead you to happiness?
Life is a constant cycle of choices and creations after creations.
With this, why not try to create a more positive inner self? Not a perfect human being, but a positive human being. That’s all.
The world is on a spiral bursting into flames, and we are witnessing it. As adults, we can talk or write about these things and realize that we humans have to help lessen the burden. A lot of us wish for all the conflicts and all the hurting to stop once and for all. A lot of us just can’t believe our eyes anymore. So, we start in our homes, our inner homes, and move from there on.
One step at a time.

Endometriosis Is The New RED by Noemi Capote and Vanneza Romero

Lately, endometriosis seems to have become part of women’s regular subject to talk about. Endometriosis is one of those unfortunate conditions that take a women’s uterus hostage, and many times, without anyone even noticing.
Some of the signs of endometriosis are:
  • Cramping before or after the menstrual cycle;
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding; and
  • Pain and/or discomfort during intercourse.
Many times, women don’t even know that they have endometriosis because the symptoms may not be noticeable until the pain is too much to bare. For this reason, it’s very important that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or that are mentioned in any other source of information, please visit your doctor right away.
From my personal experience, endometriosis developed in my uterus when I was 23 years old. After several tests and much deliberation, I was placed on a treatment called Lupron. Lupron is given as a shot to cease the menstrual cycle for 6 months. The side effects include menopause, which lasts for the length of the treatment. It was definitely a very tough experience, and it offered a temporary relief. Nearly 9 years after being diagnosed, the endometriosis returned, leading me to make the decision to have a hysterectomy. However; I was left with my ovaries because of my age, to which the endometriosis could still make its way to find a home in the ovaries, as endometriosis is somewhat born out of the ovulation cycle.
Here are a few tips that may help you ease the pain and monthly reproduction of endometriosis:
Cardio: Any kind of sport that would activate the lymph nodes is recommendable. This helps your bloodstream to flow, as to get rid of any unnecessary toxins. Here are some good work-outs to consider: Running, jogging, speed-walking, and spinning.
Healthy Eating: The key is not to avoid your favorite foods, but instead to balance your diet, adding healthier options each time. Here are some recommendable options: Fruits, such as passion fruit (papaya), strawberries, bananas, watermelon, grapes, and others.
Any type of juicing with beets is beneficial for the immune system, helping to cleanse the blood.
Yogurts are really helpful for the female organs in general, offering protection against other vaginal infections such as yeast infections, UTI, and so forth.
If you are a chocolate lover, dark chocolate is recommendable.

Natural Remedies: Many times nature’s gifts are far beyond more powerful than any legalized medication. The following listed remedies have proven to have great results, especially when dealing with inflammation: Calendula, Teas, Moringa, Bajo and Maria.

Endometriosis seems to be the new red, evoking a sense of panic on many young women. Even the possibilities of becoming pregnant can seem alarming, whether the person is ready or not to become a parent. Thankfully, endometriosis is a monster that can be controlled, and with the help of experts, many solutions can be attained.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about endometriosis, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’ll gladly assist you with a wellness plan catered to you, from nutrition plans to work-out routines.
Have a nice day! Besos.

Changing Perception Through Intention by Noemi Capote and Ivaylo Vasilev

There are so many circumstances and memories
that are hard to see with the essence 
of what we call love.
But, we must try.
We must try.
For when we see everything 
through the essence of love,
we become life.
How long will the roof need to leak until it crumbles down when all it needed was to be replaced? The same goes for the given knowledge of life that was passed down and has led us through our lives, causing our lives to feel inundated.
Replacing the way that one may have been thinking for 20 plus years may seem abrupt or even inconceivable. However, it is a transformative experience, no matter how it’s chosen to be approached.
Yes, there is much negativity going in this life. The past seems to have become a generous precedent in comparison to today’s destruction, suffering, and altercations. The planet is hurting, the animals are hurting, humans are hurting. The career, the job, the house, the spiritual pursue, the wars, the extinctions, all of it seems to become an overbearing experience and, applying what has been given to help us through life, does not seem to cooperate much with one’s heart’s true desires for happiness. And, suffering becomes a blurry reality.
Life is more than just what is displayed by the population. It just takes practice, will, and courage to decide to carve one’s personal path.
The decision to take control of one’s own way of perceiving life could be frightening for so many; after all, life is so very different for each one of us that, to indicate to live life like this or like that could become confusing and dreading.
There is nothing wrong with the desire to aim for greatness and success. This is humanity and that’s pretty much a collective desire, which can be both physically and spiritually felt to the point of awakening the drive to pursue one’s goals and dreams. However, there are those that are aiming for the same greatness and success but, with results that are obviously painful. So, it truly relies on the intentions of the heart. It relies on our ability to analyze our lives, kind of introduce ourselves to ourselves, and act.
The heart knows – this is the true source of our intentions. We just need to learn how to listen to it. However, this is very different for each person and there is not ultimate key to achieving a life of altogether happiness.
The question is, what is your individual key?
To find it – stay quiet in the night and try to think what in your past made you happy – it can be simple things – to hug a kid, to have fun with friends, to read a book, to listen to music, to swim on the moonlight…
The overall intention for life is for the experience to become less about who has all the answers, who is right, and what is real or not real. Its intentions are to become a harmonious existence which can be achieved starting with one heart; one person.
So do you feel like replacing your roof? What is it for you?… This is what your heart wants. This is where your true intentions will try to bring you if you give them a chance – if you give yourself chance to be happy.
Dig. Trust. Persist. Love.