The Dome by Noemi Capote

There are few places on Earth that can be considered enchanted. Natural ones and man-made ones. One that you can stay for two nights or more. One that would bring inspiration, relaxation, and transformation in your life. Keep reading to discover one of them, located in the historical community of Clarcona, Florida.

Endometriosis Is The New RED by Noemi Capote

Lately, endometriosis seems to have become part of women’s regular subject to talk about. Endometriosis is one of those unfortunate conditions that take a women’s uterus hostage, and many times, without anyone even noticing. Some of the signs of endometriosis are: Cramping before or after the menstrual cycle; Heavy menstrual bleeding; and Pain and/or discomfort during… Read More Endometriosis Is The New RED by Noemi Capote