As human beings, it can be very hard to make firm decisions of letting go of certain burdens from the past, and to go on with life without it negatively affecting our present moment. We are ready to let it all go, but sometimes it doesn’t work: Who are we blaming? Who do we resentContinue reading “EMBRACE THE PAST THROUGH EFT”

Emotional Freedom Technique in collaboration with SoulSouplesse

Freedom is an important topic that has a different meaning for everyone. Geographical freedom, freedom in time and financial freedom are what most of us want to achieve. But often we forget that this requires emotional freedom at first. We can create healing and emotional freedom through the release of blocked emotions. There are manyContinue reading “Emotional Freedom Technique in collaboration with SoulSouplesse”

Mines in the Mind

There are many ways to help deal with the thoughts that have formed mines in our minds. Mines that can frighten our existence making us tiptoe through life to avoid an explosion. We can consume prescription medications, psychedelics, and we can combine it with meditation methods, such as movement meditation or mantra meditation. The practicesContinue reading “Mines in the Mind”

S1mply M1nd by Geoffrey Henshall

Meditation is a key practice that reveals a better understanding of our mind’s eye view of reality. Its practice also enhances our emotional well being, by enabling our view of the world to be more precise and to be more confident about what we believe is happening every moment. By practicing meditation, confusion is ultimatelyContinue reading “S1mply M1nd by Geoffrey Henshall”

TRANSFORMATION – A re-birth through the life of the Butterfly

Around Springtime, many embark on a spiritual journey seeking, perhaps, for a rebirth. An inner transformation that can help us enjoy good health, experience financial freedom, emotional liberation, and spiritual certainty. Spring inspires us to re-captivate our essence and to find a reason to be born again. Let’s journey with one of the most attractiveContinue reading “TRANSFORMATION – A re-birth through the life of the Butterfly”