Endometriosis is the New RED

  Endometriosis seems to have become part of women’s regular subject to talk about, being one of those unfortunate conditions that take a women’s uterus hostage, and many times, without anyone even noticing. Some of the signs of endometriosis are: Cramping before or after the menstrual cycle; Heavy menstrual bleeding; and Pain and/or discomfort duringContinue reading “Endometriosis is the New RED”

Perception Upgrade in collaboration with Ivaylo Vasilev

There are so many circumstances and memories that are hard to see with the essence  of what we call love. But, we must try. We must try. For when we see everything  through the essence of love, we become life. How long will the roof need to leak until it crumbles down when all itContinue reading “Perception Upgrade in collaboration with Ivaylo Vasilev”

Our Story Lines – by Geoffrey Henshall

What is mind in the context of how we view the world? Is meditation about a clearer window? The mind is like a storybook we see and hear, taste, smell, and feel, but we take all those connections with our life experience and then, automatically without much consideration, we make a story.  Stories can beContinue reading “Our Story Lines – by Geoffrey Henshall”