Choosing Your Spiritual Practice and Embracing Your Faith by Noemi Capote

20190105_225520_0000Do you feel that your inner knowing is vast and you’re in connection with God, even though you don’t practice a particular doctrine or even go to church?

Do you feel you have the ability to heal others even though you have no title for it?

You speak to Jesus. You do gardening together with Nature Spirits. You stroll down the park hand in hand with Archangel Michael… Your intuition is powerful, helpful, transformational. Do you feel vibrant? However, you’re doubtful, scared, unsure….

It’s not so easy to embrace one’s spirituality when we are doubtful or going through obstacles and dependency.

There are so many spiritual paths and doctrines in place, that many people are left feeling alone, disappointed, and very frustrated. Arguments arise, disagreements seem endless and the need to feel connected to source – to God – can become a pessimistic demand instead of a joyous experience.  On the West, we have Catholicism and Christianity as the predominant spiritual paths, and around the world, there are hundreds of other powerhouse spiritual practices that also declare, this is the one way.

The rules and regulations established by spiritual organizations can make someone feel unworthy of spiritual love, especially when we have flaws and mistakes. And, we know how it goes when we feel tie down unable to breathe and carry on with our soul’s calling. Even the open spiritual paths, those that convey the message of enlightenment and awakening, demand that we remain in a constant positive vibration flow and to stay away from those that aren’t loving and positive. This can cause constraints in our lives, especially when we face emotional battles and react negatively, making us feel that God is only there for us if and when we are all good and all well. Notwithstanding, we should remind ourselves on a daily basis that we are a compilation of good and bad, and it’s perfectly fine to have down days, be mad/angry, and so forth. Being a human being is challenging, yet, we can rest assured that God doesn’t pick and choose. God is in each person. We are all part of the creation.

So, how do we know which one is the right spiritual path for us?

Can we believe in Jesus and practice of his teachings outside of religious walls?

Can we be connected to other supernatural sources of divine love?

Of course! Jesus is not the only being of light that many wish to seek a relationship with. There are angels, archangels, other Masters, and many other beings of light that form the infinite body of divine love. So, we can certainly be in connection and establish a relationship with whomever we decide to.

Remember, we are what we believe.

Also remember that, in the name of God many people do horrendous things. Many hate others who don’t share their faith. So, focusing on our spiritual authenticity can help us feel grounded in a world where so much instability tears hearts and minds apart for the sake of ‘righteous ways’.

Let’s consider the following questions to help us find alignment and expansion in our spiritual practice. Answering each question will give us clarity as to what we truly feel in our hearts and what we truly want to experience:

What do I believe in?

How do I want to practice what I believe in?

What should I study to deepen my belief?

Do I feel harmony with my belief?

There are hundreds of ways to approach a better understanding of our spiritual beliefs. In the end, the answers are within us.

It’s in our chosen perception of spiritual realities, and how we carry them out that we can live truthful to our faith.

We each have a unique force to share in life. Though I know first-hand that it is not easy to assimilate our own spiritual identity. In the end, as conscious beings ready to take charge of our personal legends, we should honor our spiritual participation in life and feel harmonious with our choices.

In this new year, I wish that we all feel a grounding connection with our spiritual source, no matter if it has a name or not, or whether it is practiced at a particular location, with a group or alone. Whatever it is, embrace it, learning and growing, one step at a time.

With light and love,

Noemi Capote




Choosing Your Spiritual Practice and Embracing Your Faith

S1gns From Our Spiritual Entourage by Noemi Capote

20181201_095959_0000Do our spiritual entourage give us signs to help us in life? Well, what do we believe in?

Whatever we feel is guiding our journey on earth, will assist in any and all ways that can contribute to our journey. When we are true to our spiritual reality, then signs can be received as light-bulbs that we can use to brighten the road-map we have embarked upon.

Our spiritual entourage is here to assist in loving ways, to help us achieve our goals. Though we may perceive things through superstitious beliefs, and many times we may cling to always wanting to receive signs to validate us, the spiritual entourage that we each have, follow, and believe in, uses our surroundings to communicate with us. The hope is that we get to pay attention, and to take action in the direction of what benefits us best.

How do we identify signs from our spiritual entourage? Let me tell you what a sign may look like:

20181201_132126_0000For the past years, I have been diligently working towards the development of my creative and spiritual passions. Today, one of the areas I’m trying to develop further is Mano Am1ga, the charity of S1mply Be, intended to assist those in need of food/essentials in Venezuela and also to assist people who, as Warr1ors of L1ght, need a helping hand to align their spirituality. I woke up one morning thinking of what to do next, questioning everything. Right after digging within me the intentions behind why I wanted to do what I do, I stumbled upon a toy my girls had left on my bed – it was the hand from one of their barbies.

Synchronistic events often occur, specially when our spiritual entourage knows that we are in need of clarification.

KNOWING THE WHAT AND WHAT FOR OF WHAT WE WANT is one of the main things that is helpful to consider when following signs. Our spiritual entourage is ready to see us living good experiences, but when we are not sure of what we want, or when there is too much conflict in our lives, then signs can pass by unnoticed.

So, if we are asking our spiritual entourage for a sign, let’s make it clear and be certain of our intentions. Then, the next step is completely up to the actions that we take to help realize what we wish to accomplish.

In hopes that we get to find clarification in our journey, one-step-at-a-t1me we go.

In l1ght and lov3, thank you.

Noemi Capote

S1mply Be




Number 13 – A Symbol of Purpose by Noemi Capote

5In any way that we may interpret number 13, the fundamental message is about the advancement and transformation/renewal of humanity, starting with our individual purpose. Though number 13 has a predominant negative influence due to superstitions of all sorts of struggles, we  want to focus on the positive vibration of number 13.

Number 13’s influence has many prophetic interpretations with regards to our life’s purpose, teaching that it is up to us to discover it and have trust in our individual journey. But what’s our purpose? For the most part we want something out of this life: Love, and to reach a sense of harmony in our relationships. We want to feel secure and feel protected. We want to have good health, and have a flow of money. Our common goal is to achieve a state of peace and to experience goodness – positive outcomes only.

But this pressure to have a linear life can somehow startle us through our journey. We can find ourselves hiding away from our true fulfillment because we aren’t meeting the high standards of life, and we may find our purpose to be inexplicably unattainable. So, how do we attain our purpose? The answers are plenty. Just Googling about this topic, we could find an array of solutions, tools, doors, paths…all offering a way to find our true purpose and how to attain it. We can use services such as those offered by Anthony Hadeed, of Dare To Discover God’s Plan For Your Life’s Purpose (check out link below) or many others available. But, what if nothing works? What if we don’t fit within the scope of what’s out there?? Well, then we go within.

The light and the dark within each of us is our internal compass. Sometimes, the needle points strongly towards the dark. We may feel angry/frustrated and ready to give up on our journey because we just can’t be all positive and all loving and all kind. Other times, the needle points towards the light. We may feel determined, joyous, and ready to make bold choices to improve our lives. We have a daily human path to walk, and sometimes we will feel good, and other times we will feel not good. But this doesn’t mean that we are horrible people, unbalanced, unwell. Or, that we can’t achieve what we desire because we can’t remain in a constant state of goodness. It s1mply means that we are human beings experiencing vast emotions and trying to be better every day. Better. NOT PERFECT!

So how do we find our purpose? How is number 13 a symbol of our purpose? White Eagle, a practicing medicine man, describes in his book, The Medicine of Numbers, the interpretation of number 13 in a way that takes us outside of limited beliefs, explaining that, number 13 teaches about expressing our unique role in life. A way to express this role on Earth is by figuring out on our own, in communion with our spiritual source, on how to become the best we can by releasing limitations. It recommends to use the method of meditation to easily figure it out.

Our purpose looks a lot like the combination of our darkness and our light, and what we decide to do with our abilities and talents. We may stick to one thing. Or, we may do many, many things at the same time. Living up our purpose is feeling content with what we do, even when things get rough. We each have our perceptions about spiritual truths. We each understand the language of the source of life in many different ways. What works for one may or may not work for the other. But, for purposes of this platform, number 13 speaks to those that are currently in an open spiritual path, teaching that our purpose is a personal concern and that when we are ready to take action, we could express our purpose through our talents, abilities, passions, dreams, and our character.

Number 13 as a symbol of purpose reminds us of inner strength. An inner strength needed to be able to fill us with creative power that can propel us to take action and keep on.

In hopes that you find encouragement to expand and to grow, 1 step at a t1me, we go.

S1mply Be… you.







The Dome by Noemi Capote

thedomeThere are few places on Earth that can be considered enchanted. Natural ones and man-made ones. One that you can stay for two nights or more. One that would bring inspiration, relaxation, and transformation in your life. Keep reading to discover one of them, located in the historical community of Clarcona, Florida.

This place in particular is a geodesic dome, let’s call it The Dome. It could possibly be confused with a fairy house, truly. A gravel driveway gives entrance to The Dome, while wonder and excitement take over you as you drive through the long, tree lined path. This property is the symbol of enchantment, with an arched tree perfectly situated by the front entrance, welcoming you to a magical space. Once inside The Dome, the perfection of structure, style, commodity, and spirit receives you with open arms, inviting you to enter a different dimension… And it’s going to be enjoyable.

This family friendly creation is a monument of self-discovery and self-renewal. An ashram where you are the guru, and you are the healer, and you are the answer … It’s where you can find delight in the small things in life.

Oh, and the furniture, the fixtures, the marvelous kitchen, the gadgets, book selection, accents, the art, and that master bedroom and bathroom…. Ufff! I can go on and on about how majestic this place is, and my words won’t come close to describing it to its full extent.

This geodesic dome is beyond a regular space to live in. It is a space where you can express all that you are, comfortably spreading your wings. Staying at this fantastic place can help you find self-realization, and help carve the path to self-love.

The Dome is in the care of Sharon. Sharon is loving, helpful, loving, understanding, and did I say a loving person? She nurtures The Dome with deep regard, making sure that guests enjoy of it to the fullest. Sharon allows the world to partake of a loving creation by making it available on Airbnb. In the process, she’s witnessing the transformation that many guests reveal to be experiencing after their stay at The Dome.

The Dome is the remedy that the body needs to help ease the mind, and recharge the soul.