Mines in the Mind

There are many ways to help deal with the thoughts that have formed mines in our minds. Mines that can frighten our existence making us tiptoe through life to avoid an explosion. We can consume prescription medications, psychedelics, and we can combine it with meditation methods, such as movement meditation or mantra meditation. The practicesContinue reading “Mines in the Mind”

S1mply M1nd by Geoffrey Henshall

Meditation is a key practice that reveals a better understanding of our mind’s eye view of reality. Its practice also enhances our emotional well being, by enabling our view of the world to be more precise and to be more confident about what we believe is happening every moment. By practicing meditation, confusion is ultimatelyContinue reading “S1mply M1nd by Geoffrey Henshall”

Perception Upgrade in collaboration with Ivaylo Vasilev

There are so many circumstances and memories that are hard to see with the essence  of what we call love. But, we must try. We must try. For when we see everything  through the essence of love, we become life. How long will the roof need to leak until it crumbles down when all itContinue reading “Perception Upgrade in collaboration with Ivaylo Vasilev”

Our Story Lines – by Geoffrey Henshall

What is mind in the context of how we view the world? Is meditation about a clearer window? The mind is like a storybook we see and hear, taste, smell, and feel, but we take all those connections with our life experience and then, automatically without much consideration, we make a story.  Stories can beContinue reading “Our Story Lines – by Geoffrey Henshall”