What I offer is a unique service to assist you in the creation, elaboration, and expansion of your Dr3ams. Whether it’d be publishing a book, starting up a business, or restructuring a current Dr3am, I’m here to assist you with it all. My foundation comes from an extensive background in Administrative & Legal Assistance, Creative Entrepreneurship, Web-Design, and Spiritual Assistance through my program Mano Am1ga. I am here to help bring clarity to your path and help you realize your Dr3am in accordance to your inner compass and intentions.

This service is all in one, to help with the structuring and development of your Dr3am, while providing spiritual guidance to enhance your path. You have the choice to elect which type of service you want to receive such as: Website Design, Marketing Materials such as Brochures, or Professional Profile Creation, and so forth. My services are flexible and fulfilling.




  • Rendering advice, guidance, counsel, and direction in the development of your Dr3am.
  • Be available at reasonable times and places to discuss ideas in connection with all matters pertaining to the professional career, business interests, and goals.
  • Assist in the development of professional profiles, such as mini bios, Wikipedia page,
  • and social media profiles (not the management of it, just the creation of it).
  • Assist with legal aspects of business such as copyright, disclosures, site’s rules, business incorporation, and other related matters.
  • Assist with logo creation, marketing materials such as brochures, and so forth.
  • Professional photography.
  • Creation of Website: Landing page, including about/vision, and blog. Site with merchant accounts and bookings. Mobile friendly version of the site. Management of the website, including updates, management of shop and/or bookings, and so forth, as needed.


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Find truth in your spiritual self – even when the practice is free as the birds in the sky and the elks on the mountains.

Break free from spiritual limitations and from religious chains.

Deepen your soul to enrich the body and heal the mind.


  • Light the path
  • Remove doubts
  • Understand fears
  • Accept your inner realm
  • Clarify your spiritual reality and connection with beings of light.

Consultations are free of charge and the prices vary depending on your needs and budget. You may use the form below to request a consultation.

I’m here to assist in this journey of Dr3am realization.