FREE by Noemi Capote


Another year.

Another day.

Are we still searching for a better way?

We see the suffering.

We face the pain.

How much of it

Would we continue to take?

There is a need to become aware,

Of the damage that can cause

Our lives to derail.

We want to be brave.

We want to find wealth.

We wish to exist,

Free of pain

Free of blame.

It’s in our minds,

Our thoughts are there,

Filling our hearts with frightful fates.

But, why is this?

How can it stop?

Should life be joyous?

Or should it be distraught?

No one’s to blame,

As the Angels would say.

The roots of our knowledge,

That we receive from them.

But there comes a time,

When we must face,

The darkness and lightness,

That’s found in all ways.

Just one choice.

A decision to make.

What would we do,

If we knew best?

We search for a change.

We crave to be brave.

We want to be out,

Of the chains and constraints,

Of everything that condemns our souls in vain.

We look around and find such tools,

Those that can help the human find truth.

Go meditate.

Do Yoga as well.

Awaken the mind.

Oh, empower yourself!

But where can we find

The key to the door,

The one that will free us

From the decoys of the world?

In our hearts,

There, indeed.

In the mind, where we can see.

In our bodies, where we exist.

Find it all, let’s be free.

Just be free.

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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