NO COMPLAINS, by Noemi Capote

no complains

I take a deep breath,
Realizing I have no true reasons to complain,
As much as I think that I need,
Of these and of that,
Of the dream home where my girls would grow with warmth,
Of the roads to travel, explore and walk,
Of the places to see,
Of the air of Yosemite that I yearn to feel.

Oh, I really can’t complain.

For there’s nothing that I need to have,
Nothing more to make me whole,
Nothing more to bring me light,
For my family and friends are over there,
Struggling and facing pain,
Living in scarcities,
With danger all around them.
There, in the Venezuela that once was,
The one that Bolivar fought for,
They all face true adversities,
The  kinds that are inhumane.
People living with just water and bread.
It’s truly insane.

Yep! I can’t complain.

Even with the dilemmas I face,
The dramas that never end,
The foolish mistakes that I’ve made,
Even when desires turn into a dread,
Nothing compares;
To the true existence of madness,
The kind that destroys a country’s heart,
The kind that’s selfish,
The kind that’s bad.
There, where monsters reign,
Where people are in despair,
Truly suffering.
It’s truly a shame.

Nope, no complains.

For those who are there,
The heroes that dare,
Fighting back,
Finding strength,
To you, I bow with all respect.

So I take a vote to not complain,
At least to try to do it less,
To exist willing to do my best.
I truly hope the nightmare ends.

To those who are there,
In the Venezuela that will always be beautiful,

No matter the gray,
Your hopes keep the flame alive.
To overcome the obstacles,
To stand for what’s right.
Until freedom comes,
Keep on speaking up.
You deserve to have back
What was taken from your soul

So, no complains,
None at all.
Viva Venezuela,
For freedom will come!

Published by Noemi Capote

Noemi Capote is a multifaceted Creative Soul bringing inspiration to the world through her writing, music, and spiritual light.

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