THE MOTHER I HAVE, by Noemi Capote

Photo by Pixabay on


You, my mother, the mother I have,
The one that kept me safe at night,
You, who gave up her dreams for me,
Who fought against odds to see me succeed,
Thank you for helping me become free.

For all the nights that kept you awake,
For all the troubles you had to face,
For all the times you felt going insane,
For forgiving my mistakes,
I give you many, many thanks.

You, my mother, who’s always there,
Even when I deserve no best.
You, who taught me about hope and about faith,
It was you who showed me and brightened my ways.
Through my ups and my downs,
You support me so well.
You, my biggest ally, my angel, my friend.

Willing to build an entire world just for me,
So I may find joy, so I can live at ease,
You, the greatest gift of all,
You, the one who deserves the world.

So you, my mother, the mother I have,
I love you today, tomorrow and to the end.
You, who are my mother,

The mother I have,
The treasure of my heart,
The heroine of my story,
The sun of my sky.

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