OH, LOVE! by Noemi Capote

  Oh, love!​ Love of soul. Love of flesh. I crave both. Where are you then?   Love of all loves, Grows and fades, Are you going to come? Are you going to awake?   Beneath your heart and mine, Lies the truth of our love. No schemes and no tricks, Just two working hearts… Read More OH, LOVE! by Noemi Capote

THE WARRIOR by Noemi Capote

I see the warrior, battling. Coming and going. Being confronted and being engaged. Determined to find a better way. She suffers. Oh, she does. But, What other choice does the warrior have? The stories told; The stories shown; All part of a collective, massive, and varied gen. Causing her thoughts to become a grayish game. That’s… Read More THE WARRIOR by Noemi Capote

FREE by Noemi Capote

Another year. Another day. Are we still searching for a better way? We see the suffering. We face the pain. How much of it Would we continue to take? There is a need to become aware, Of the damage that can cause Our lives to derail. We want to be brave. We want to find… Read More FREE by Noemi Capote