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Expand your knowledge and be filled with inspiration with these books:

LOVEABILITY, by Robert Holden PH.D., is a book that teaches about self-love, easy to read, and very inspiring.

The way it’s written truly awakens the most tender inner part of our hearts to come to the realization that, in order to achieve happiness, and to even plan for it, we ought to first know what happiness represents for us. To compare less, and take actions towards what we desire to achieve. Most importantly, Loveability teaches about self-love. That we need to first know who and what we want, respect and understand who we are, and to demand of nothing from others, because love is found first in our hearts, and that should be enough to complete us.

THE ALCHEMIST, by Paolo Coelho, is a book that teaches the languages of God and the power of God, which can be found within.

This novel brings about such inspiration to the heart, especially to those who in their life’s journey feel very connected to God. Based on the search for a treasure that leads to a tender love relationship, with experiences that reveal that, the treasure that we may be looking for is not so far away from where we are, though we may go on the search for it elsewhere, we’d still cultivate experiences that can fulfill our lives, and in the end, once we make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

A RETURN TO LOVE, by Marianne Williamson, is a book that teaches about surrendering and releasing one’s life to the Holy Spirit.

If you have been wondering how to serve God through an open path, let’s say detached from the specifics of religion, or if you have been trying to connect or re-connect with the Holy Spirit, this book can get you there. Its tone is not soft, for the author sets her message to the point in a raw manner. She leaves very little room for the reader to play the role of the victim. Instead, she encourages the reader to be honest with oneself, to trust, and to believe. In order words, make a choice and honor it.

THE MEANING OF LIFE, by Bradley Trevor Greive. If you truly want to know the meaning of life. This is the book. It is fun to read, with the most precious pictures of animals, and above all, it is a knock-knock to the soul.


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​The magazine Cooking Light describes meditation as going to the gym for your brain, and it truly is. However, mediation may or not may come easily to achieve for a variety of reasons, but practice makes the master.

There are several methods out there to choose from, and it’s OK to try as many as we can until we find one or two, or even four that can assist with this workout for our mind. From personal experience, meditation has helped me to understand that the mind does not stop processing thoughts, but that we, the thinkers, can manage the way that those thoughts influence our lives.

Below are a few sites/apps that provide awesome meditation tools:

Buddhify is an excellent app. It cost $4.99 but it’s worth the cost. It uses a multicolored wheel which provides several options for meditation depending on what you are doing at the moment (i.e. at work,  waking up, can’t sleep, difficult emotions, etc.).

Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers 10 free meditation classes, based on the Kundalini Yoga taught by Shri Mataji. This method of meditation feels very spiritual and helps to focus on our internal connection with Source. The classes are based on videos, physical practices, and intense mental focus.

Deepak and Oprah often offer a 21-Day Meditation Experience free of charge. This program(s) can truly shift our path and rejuvenate our personal/professional experiences. I recommend signing up to their site to be alerted as to when the next free meditation experience will be available.

If you are looking for an in-person meditation class, The Center for Pranic Healing based on Master Choa Kok Sui techniques offers several free classes in Dade and Broward. It’s very loving, practical, and it teaches much about the intentions of meditation. To view their calendar, visit this site:



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“Being healthy and losing weight doesn’t mean eating less, it means eating right.”

​Juicing is NOT about losing weight and it is NOT a meal substitution. Juicing IS the input of beneficial vitamins on a regular basis, helping our immunity to be stabilized and our energy to get a boost. It brings a holistic overall goodness into the physical body.


2 Apples (red or green)

2 Oranges

4 to 5 Celery sticks

Kale – measure about 2 to 4 cups

Spinach – measure about 2 to 4 cups

1 or 2 Cucumbers

1 thumb-sized Ginger


2 red Apples

2 Oranges

8 to 10 Carrots

2 Sweet Potatoes

1 Beet

1 thumb-sized Ginger

Use a juicer (Walmart has them for under $100). If it’s too pulpy, use a strainer.

Using the above ingredients you could fill a recycled bottle of wine, enough for two people to drink.

Store for no longer than three (3) days.

​Each of the recipes above has many other benefits for many other aspects of the body. You can learn more about each, as well as attain even more detailed information on juicing, by going to the following link: