We all have a dark side.

We all have a light side.

We are Warr1ors in a battle between sides.

Which side do we seek most of?

Are we doomed for having both???

We are darkness.

We are light.

Embracing this frees us from ideas of condemnation.

Embracing the dark and the light of life helps us to be realistic to live as a human being: beings of many emotions and many thoughts acting in accordance with our inner desires.

We can be as dark as we can be; be sad, upset at our loved us, feeling worthless, crying in deep pain… Or, we can be as light as we can be; be happy, spreading smiles all around, feeling worthy, crying of excitement…

It’s a daily choice. Either make us right or wrong… Both are part of the human experience.

Ready to S1mply Be?

S1mply Be you: Your darkness and your lightness, being invited and encouraged to move forward, to keep on going upwards, through light and through love. Overcoming the obstacles by facing the dark of life and not running away from it, or feeling ashamed of it.

To S1mply Be a Warr1or of L1ght, through Divine guidance, through all its paths, appreciating the journey. Warr1ors of L1ght seeking for better days, working hard for a better way.



MANO AM1GA by Noemi Capote

Find the truth in your spiritual self – even when the practice is free as the birds in the sky and the elks on the mountains. Break free from spiritual limitations and from religious chains. Deepen your soul to enrich the body and heal the mind. ​​HELPING YOU TO: Light the path Remove doubts Understand fears Accept your inner realm Clarify your spiritual reality and connection with beings of light.