logo t1ck-tock spac3Would you like assistance with a daily practice of mind work-out? For starters, let’s learn how to ease ourselves into the habit of meditation with this 3-minute clip called, T1ck-Tock Spac3.

​Grounding helps us to enjoy the art of being who we truly are. The mistakes of the past, the continued fears and negativity, the things that we can’t do and those that we can. To be who we represent the profound knowledge in our personal intake of life, and when it comes to reality, to face our individuality.

Who are we? Angry, sad, desperate, joyous, hopeful…. In what state of being do we find ourselves in? It could be all of the above. It could come and go. We are having a human experience through our mental awareness of life and our spiritual reality of life. Through our cultural influence, our families and teachers input… through it all, we are living in what may seem a roller-coaster of ideas, emotions, desires, fears, dreams, and so forth.

​Grounding represents the instant fulfillment that we may find when the past is embraced when the future is a hopeful plan, and the present is encountered and experienced.

​​As we make choices that can assist with our growth, this T1me & Spac3 wishes to contribute to our grounding.